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If you’re a writer, I can be supportive support when it comes to creating, re-visioning, and developing your book draft. I’ll do right by you. You can ask around! We can work online through email or virtual face-to-face. For prices and scheduling and to make sure that we’re a good fit for each other before we begin, contact me via the contact link on this page. 

2 thoughts on “Write with Me!”

  1. Hi Jenny,
    Thank you again for all of your ideas and insight helping me sort through my writing on the Women’s March. I’m super energized to try some different approaches on that section, rather than feeling the dread I had been to get it to a point where it just barely worked.

    I’d love to do writing sessions through you (I know your sessions will fill up through PCC, plus I won’t have to set an alarm to virtually elbow everyone else out of the way to get one of those sessions). I was looking at the 5-sessions, but let me know how you like to structure your sessions outside of PCC.

    Have a good time at AWP in Seattle! I don’t know what that is, but it sounds exciting. And then we will be so excited to see you in Portland. It blows Charlee’s mind that I have a teacher, so she’s pretty excited you’re going to be in town too.

    Happy travels,

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