Workshop at Clackamas Community College’s – Compose Conference

I was invited to present a workshop at Clackamas Community College’s Compose Conference, May 15th, 2021

The workshop description went like this: We want freedom for ourselves and for others. We want to understand and convey the complexity of things. We want global transformation. But it’s too much to do, and who are we to do it. We’ll start with the concrete. Through guided exercises and discussion, we’ll consider our experiences, vulnerabilities, intuitions, and obligations. We’ll explore the potential held within the personal and collective imagination. We’ll discuss how we might express the inexpressible, the risky, the traumatic, the downright offensive. Let’s wander around in the brainpan–autonomous, brave, sensitive, and expansive in our writing practice and in the world. Jenny Forrester has received awards for fiction and nonfiction, and creates micro-communities of writers, readers, and others through writing, teaching, organizing, and publishing. She runs Creative Study Hall and the Unchaste Variety Show. She’s the author of the books “Narrow River, Wide Sky: A Memoir,” and “Soft Hearted Stories: Seeking Saviors, Cowboy Stylists, and Other Forms of Authoritarianism,” a 2020 Colorado Book Awards Finalist.

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