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Co-founded and curated by Jenny Forrester at Jennyforrester.com, the Unchaste Readers are Non CIS Man readers aged 14 to 71 who have read at Unchaste Readers Series between April 2012 and now. Unchaste is about creating a community, promoting writing that takes risks, that shows the raw, vulnerable, ecstatic, complicated lives of women, gender non-binary and gender-noncomforming – nearly anyone/everyone except CIS men.

They have been all kinds of sexual-preference-spectrum/woman-gender-spectrum/race/ethnicity/social-economic-politic status-in-the-hierarchy-patriarchy/experience/survivor/not-as-much-survivor/writing-reading-speaking-singing-playing-music forms. It’s been such a pleasure to meet so many talented, interesting, interested women. I hear rumors and rumblings around me – wanting/whispering/gossiping/screeching/digressing/disagreeing/name-calling/story-identity-stealing/myth-mistifying/labeling me. So what? So. Be wanting. Be whispering. Be gossiping (which is sharing of information). Be screeching. Digress. Disagree. Name-call and label. Make a mythology. Tell stories. Just point it in the direction of loving and caring for de-centering the CIS Man narrative.

Be unchaste.

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