This magazine is an ode to joy and love: hard-earned and otherwise, the elegant complexity of existence, and surviving and thriving; expressed artfully.

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    I’m publishing a magazine filled with all kinds of art that can be expressed on the page in black and white or in full color, calling it Mountain Bluebird Magazine. I invite you to submit and should your work be appropriate, to contribute.

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    Photo Credit: Intisar Abioto



    If you would like to get in touch with me you can do so below. Only the kind, sweet people, please. I used to tolerate bad behavior that made me very sick and cost me in every way possible. I block quick nowadays.  Thanks. 

    Much Love,
    Jenny Forrester

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      If you’d like to donate to this cause (and be named in the Eternal Gratitude section). Don’t worry, I won’t be making money (that bothers some people, especially the people who (also) want to be paid for their art, I hear.) But, I’d love to recoup some costs, for sure. If you help me in this way, I won’t forget it.

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