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“Jenny Forrester’s new memoir is gorgeously written; she is both unflinchingly honest and generous of heart when she navigates the tricky territories of family and the ways in which place can shape our identities. And while her story is grounded in a very specific time and place, the truth of the story transcends it. I deeply appreciate a writer who can capture the beauty of a place without romanticizing it and write about people in all their messiness while still allowing them to be fully human.”

“What a journey we are taken on in this book. It is all too easy to be there while reading, and at the same time find out secrets about ourselves. This is a hard-to-stop-reading book.
Well done, Jenny Forrester!”

“A memoir of simple, sometimes brutal, honesty telling the truths of a life growing up in rural, conservative Colorado – to become a strong adult. Beautifully written. Nature is ever-present – a vital thread winding its way through the tapestry of a life. Highly recommended.”

“Eloquent, lyrical, honest, and resilient. I love this book and this author.”

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