Interview, The Authenticity Experiment

Kate Carroll De Gutes, Oregon Book Award/Lambda Literary Winner for the book “Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than they Appear” has created The Authenticity Experiment. She interviewed me, and my answer to authenticity/being authentic had to do with navigating my sensitivity.

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“You’d cry if I looked at you cross-eyed,” [my mother] said. “You still cry about every little thing.” I heard the words “Sensitive” and “Oversensitive” often – when we hung the deer to bleed in the barn, and I cried, when we plucked the chickens, and I cried, and when anyone said “I was only kidding” and when anyone called me a “city girl.” My sensitivities covered issues animal cruelty and childhood bullying injustices. I saw injustice everywhere and cried over it.”

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