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Writing a song with the help of the wonderful Peter LeClair. He teaches where I teach (one of the many places where I cobble together my teaching life) – we artists do that teaching thing or is it that we teachers do that art thing. You know? Peter’s on itunes and spotify and such. He’s so kind. He matches his voice to mine. His singing voice is Like Butterrrrr. So. The song’s coming along. Not ready to share it yet…soon, though. Next time I send a letter out maybe. Please give Peter all The Love.

I have this friend who calls me from time to time. Low voice. Melodic. Like Ron’s beautiful, low vibration. Puurrrr. Hmmmm. Leaves wonderful messages he knows I won’t return – The Friend, not Ron. The Friend says, “I know you’re going through ups and downs and I know you care and you can’t always call me back.” I tell him, “I’m a terrible friend.” He says, “I’ll always be here.”

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