Sou’Wester Class: Writing Our Conservative Relatives

If you’ve dreamed of leaving a story for posterity to tell your whole truth long after you’re gone or if you’ve dreamed of publishing this story for the world, this class is for you.

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When Your Book’s at Target!

This is so exciting! The book’s selling at Target. The book’s also available at the airport! Much thanks to everyone for making wonderful things happen for this …

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Narrow River, Wide Sky: A Memoir Made the Multnomah County Library’s List!

Narrow River, Wide Sky: A Memoir Made the Multnomah Country Library’s 2017 List of Best Books! HUGE thanks!
Read the review here.

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Reviews and Interviews – Updated

With deepest gratitude to everyone who’s sent me wonderful messages and said beautiful things after reading the book. Thank you to interviewers and booksellers and everyone who’s supported this project and supported me.

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