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Jenny Forrester

02 Jan

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“Inside Mary Daly’s writings, I found the wildflowers of the alpine mountains – growing jubilant and alone. In the new words she created, compound feminist words, I felt the strength of so many small animals living despite the ravenous teeth of the wilderness and the merciless trucks of men bearing down on anything that dared to cross the pitiless concrete. She knew the mightiness in small living things like women like me, I thought.”

Read the rest here.

29 Dec


The Listen to Your Mother Anthology made this list!

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26 Dec

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19 Nov


Thanks to Kristi DiLallo, Columbia Journal for publishing my ghosts.

“The rules for cave diving were clear.

  1. Reserve more air for your exit than you use going in.
  2. Bring more than one light.
  3. Lay your own line – don’t depend on the lines already laid down by previous divers.
  4. Don’t go beyond the limits of your training.”
19 Nov

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The wonderful and wicked smart, Mel Wells, sent me some interview questions. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to talk about Unchaste.

“What was your inspiration for the creation of Unchaste Readers?’

‘I’ve always wanted to be involved in a community of women artists, but I’d envisioned living on the land in yurts and having composting toilets. Running a reading series is a lot easier and just as fun. I’m also dead serious.” Read the rest of the interview here.

Learn more about Mel Wells here.


03 Nov
Photo by Davis Slater at Grief Rites Reading, American Legion, Post 134.

Photo by Davis Slater at Grief Rites Reading, American Legion, Post 134.

29 Sep


Grief Rites

13 Sep

We’re setting up a home recording studio.

Imagining the possibilities.

Microphone and Stars

03 Aug

writing sustenance

07 Jun

“Should I have known or been better? What does it mean when a man cries for a dog, but not for a child? What does it mean when a man shoots mapgies to show his daughter he loves her, but doesn’t say a word of it, and she never figures it out until she’s been writing about it for years. Whatever holds our grief is massive. It’s big enough and wide enough to hold the ocean. This is why I’m here pacing and writing and doing. I’m building something big enough to contain it.” – Jenny Forrester

copyright, 2015